Why Obsidian?

“We hired you because you understand that we don’t separate our personal goals from our business.”

Like so many of our clients, this business owner had interviewed multiple financial planners who could create personal financial plans, and even more business consultants who offered to prepare his company to sell or transfer for top dollar.

But this owner wanted one coherent business and personal financial plan designed to meet his unique goals.

That’s what you’ll find at Obsidian:

  • Help growing and protecting both your business and non-business assets
  • Expertise in positioning your business to be sold or transferred for the largest check possible when you decide it’s time to leave.

Successful business owners we work with:

  • Set personal and business goals, and want to work with professionals who appreciate—and can help them achieve—both.
  • Know that there’s more to life—and owning a business—than money.
  • See themselves as stewards of their business and other assets, and are wise about how they use them.
  • View their assets as a way to care for themselves, their children, grandchildren, employees, communities and charities.

If you want to work with experienced professionals who will help you manage and grow both your business and financial assets, you’ve found what you are looking for.

At Obsidian, we craft and execute the coordinated solutions that allow you to focus on the rest of your life.




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