Patrick Carroll, CFP®, CExP™

Pat Carroll has personally experienced the hectic daily challenges and seemingly endless exhaustion of owning and running a business; that’s why he created the Lifestyle Protector Program™. This simple, step-by-step planning process will fit seamlessly into your already busy schedule, guiding you through the process of identifying and realizing your personal and professional goals.

Nothing gets Pat more fired up than seeing his clients succeed! He’s spent more than 35 years helping business owners like you through Obsidian Business Planning Solutions, the financial and business consulting firm he founded. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science from the American College of Financial Services. Patrick is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and has earned the Certified Exit Planner designation from the Business Enterprise Institute.

Todd Feldman, CFP®, CExP™

If you’ve ever lost sleep because you were worried about protecting your future and growing your business, you are not alone. Todd can’t wait to help you develop a comprehensive strategy and implement effective tactics to help you achieve your ideal future. An innate problem solver, he enjoys working with driven business owners who are ready to plan for the future they deserve.

Todd, leading Obsidian’s business development team, relishes the opportunity to help business owners reach their goals every day. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Smeal School of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. Todd is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and has earned the Certified Exit Planner designation from the Business Enterprise Institute.

Pam Flick, CFP®

When it comes to your most important documents, do you feel scattered?  Pam Flick, Obsidian’s Senior Planner, is eager to help. Pam enjoys getting your documents organized, analyzing your data and making strategic recommendations to guide you toward your goals. To Pam, details matter; she diligently scrutinizes every aspect of your plan to ensure your long-term success. With over 20 years at Obsidian, Pam will leverage her extensive experience and unrivaled knowledge base to your advantage. 

In addition to being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Finance and Investments from The George Washington University.

Sean McCarron 

You will never feel like your investment mix is being retrofit into a product when you work with Sean. Instead, he will use your goals and priorities to design tailor-made recommendations for your portfolio. Once you are pleased with your ideal mix, you can rest assured knowing Sean will continuously monitor your portfolio to ensure it remains aligned with your goals.

Sean has been Obsidian’s Senior Client Service Specialist for over 20 years; his flexibility to approach your unique goals with a client-centered approach makes him a key piece of the Obsidian team. He holds degrees from University of New Haven and The George Washington University.

Kelsey Easter

Clients looking for solutions to help them maintain their standard of living through retirement will love working with planning team member Kelsey Easter. Kelsey got her bachelor’s degree in accounting and information technology from Virginia Tech. Her background in both public and private accounting means she is very detail oriented.

Kelsey loves working with clients and getting to know them and understand their unique situations. After being with Obsidian for several years, she feels she knows the clients well and looks forward to meeting new ones in the years to come.

Landon Buzzerd

If you’re a business offering a 401k plan to your employees, you’ll want to talk with Landon Buzzerd. Having recently earned his BA in economics from the University of Maryland College Park, Landon loves to help business owners understand 401k offerings, as well as money management and other forms of client services.

The newest member of the Obsidian team, Landon loves getting to know clients. He brings a deep understanding of technology to the Obsidian family and is always eager to help his colleagues and clients get the most out of their systems.

Becky Clawson

You can count on Becky to bring energy, enthusiasm, and communication skills to Obsidian through her role as Professional Service Partner. She enjoys interacting with clients regularly to keep them in the loop about where they are in the process. Getting to know clients and their stories and goals is her favorite part of the job. She also brings a unique perspective to her role, having been a business owner who successfully sold her own company in 2018. “The impact and guidance our team provides to people can be life-changing, and that is something to be excited about,” she said.

Becky earned her bachelor’s degree in advertising/business administration and her master’s of science in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University. She looks forward to bringing her expertise and skills to every client at Obsidian.

Michael Ambrogio

Michael Ambrogio brings over 15 years of investment and operations experience to the Obsidian team. He is especially interested in portfolio management and investment operations. He’s our go-to guy for helping the planning team with investment reviews and implementing new plans. He works with clients on the operations side to get all their paperwork in order and answer their questions. His help in developing investment allocations and selections for client portfolios is invaluable. His goal is to make a positive difference to the team and the clients each day.

When he’s not at work, Michael does his best to keep up a daily exercise program. He especially looks forward to opportunities to hike in Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. He also enjoys home improvement projects and may be taking up golf again in 2022, so look for him on the green.



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