Do you have a long list of “special projects” that need to be completed? When you look at the list, do you think to yourself, “When are we ever going to get this done?”

At Obsidian, we totally understand because we have an endless list of projects too! For us, we look for new ways to improve and streamline our client experience and create efficiencies whenever possible. We also believe we need to practice what we teach our clients about continuity planning. In order to do so, we must ensure that our internal processes are documented and updated regularly. The problem is, we don’t necessarily need to open a new staff position, and that might be the case for you too.

The good news is we have a solution that’s worked for us for years! We hire at least three college interns every summer and in many cases, they’ve returned each year until they graduate. We get to cross some special projects off our lists and the interns receive real world experience. It’s a win/win in our book. 

There are many benefits to an internship program. Some of the most valuable ones we have identified are:

New Perspective

Have your brainstorm sessions dulled? Adding a fresh or outside perspective can really spark new ideas or add another layer of creativity.

Increased Productivity

When it comes to special projects, interns can help lessen the strain help take a load off your full-time employees. Depending on your situation, you can assign a special project to an intern, or your employees can utilize extra help from an intern on their day-to-day work. This frees up your employees’ time to focus on higher-level projects. 

Tech Savvy

Students are more likely to know about the latest and greatest technology, techniques or strategies in the field. You benefit from having direct access to all of this new information and developments. You’ll be able to enjoy the mutual benefits of learning from each other throughout the process!

Leadership Opportunities 

Succession planning, or identifying and developing capable employees to replace your current leadership, is imperative to ensuring that your business will continue to survive and thrive if/when your current leadership transitions out of the business. Hosting interns is a great opportunity for you to foster leadership skills in your current employees who may eventually occupy a management role. Who knows, maybe an employee who has a natural talent may emerge when given an opportunity to supervise an intern. 

The possibilities and benefits are endless when you’re open to new opportunities. Want to learn more?

Schedule a conversation today so you can stop feeling like you’re stuck and start crossing projects off your list.

Here’s to watching you succeed! 

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